Want to move outside of Paris? Saint-Maur des Fossés is a good choice, see why!

Delivery beginning of 2023! A few appartments still available!

Do you know Saint-Maur des Fossés? This, city close, to Paris has efficient communication services to reach the capital!

Surrounded by the river Marne, the city offers all the necessary facilities (schools, cultural places, sports spaces…) as well as several parks and the river borders.

The building called SQUARE KENNEDY has been designed with a high standing objective. It is situated in the heart of Saint Maur, in front of the church St-François de Salles.

Composed o 102 appartments out of 4 separate buildings, you have the choice between 13 lots still available: from T2 to T4. Each appartment has large windows which opens onto balconies, loggias or terrasses in order to increase the living space outside.

In the middle of the buildings, a patio with tress and flowers is a peaceful place to enjoy. The architectural style is elegant with stone walls similar to the elegant Parisian buildings.

Whatever are your reasons to chose Saint-Maur, either teleworking or commuting to Paris, you will appreciate the quiet and natural atmosphere of the city.

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Invest in a Senior Living Facility near Grenoble -France

September’s offer: Free notary’s fees

If you live in France and you want to invest your money in order to help the Senior Citizens live in a decent home, you will like this new program in Voiron!

VOIRON: is a small city perfectly situated between Grenoble and Lyon. Access to the Alps but also the South of France though the highways. Lyon airport is less than an hour away and the TGV will take you to Paris in 3 hours from Grenoble.

The city is well known for his delicate liquor “La Chartreuse” and the cholocalte factory “Maison Bonnat”. A very dynamic city with lots of cultural, sportive and educational associations.

Les Girandières du Lac: is a senior housing program situated in the city center, close to all the main shops and activities. Design to help the senior people enjoy their days, they will benefit from the help of professionals if they want.

The facility offers 95 flats fully furnished, equipped and in different sizes, from a one-room to a full 3-rooms. The prices depend on the situation of the apartment, if there is a balcony or a terrasse.

Delivery date of the building: beginning of 2023. Quality of the building: RT2012.

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