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Francis Leprévost

  • City: F-77700 COUPVRAY
  • Mobile: +33 6 11 13 26 35
  • Email:

Francis has developed his expertise through time and regulation. After obtaining an MBA at Saint Xavier College University (Chicago-U.S.A.) he has decided, back in France, to start a real estate investment company. Then he became an Independent Wealth Management Advisor.

Independent is the center of his work and to reach a proficiency level, he joined a university curriculum for wealth management in France to learn the necessary competences. He got his qualification at the end of the course.

In order to fulfill his pragmatism and his desire to succeed, he created the company FINANXIA AEF, a private wealth management office, which has just opened its real estate division.

Therefore, if you have a question or interest for investment products based on real estate, AEF France Immo will help you through the steps of your project to buy or sell a property, to invest in apartments for students or families, or to acquire insurance and financial products based on real estate goods.

Béatrice Marionnet

  • City: F-33700 Mérignac
  • Tel: +33 6 23 03 24 36
  • Email:

Béatrice has always been at the service of others, be they colleagues or customers. After a Degree in English and an Executive M.B.A. from St Xavier College of Chicago (U.S.A.). she has worked in different anglophone companies where she has acquired competences and experiences in various posts from personal assistant, communication manager, products manager to owner of her own company.

Having been an expatriate in the U.S.A. and in the U.K., she landed in the Grenoble area and 23 years later she moved to Bordeaux where still she had no family ties. As an associate partner to and thanks to her acute service spirit and her language abilities she has opened an office in the Bordeaux area to help every French or international person, to buy, rent or sell a property.

Myriam Wattebled

City: 83700 Boulouris-St Raphaël
Tel: 06 42 49 70 25
RSAC n°398 692 897 00042