Real Estate

To buy or to sell one’s property should not be a brain teaser!

Here you will meet experts who are dedicated to help you find the best solutions in order to buy or to sell your property, whatever its size or its price.

Do not believe those who say that it is easy to sell a property, almost 70% of real estate goods have been sold through a real estate agency!

For good reasons, the challenges start as soon as you post the ad to sell your house or your apartment…. We, as professionals, are here to help you avoid any pitfalls on the way…

Buying a property can also be stressful! Is-it the best house for us? Is the price correct? Are there any changes programmed for the district?

Obviously, the sellers may not have all the answers, maybe because they haven’t guessed those questions beforehand!

With the real estate sales agents at, you have the guarantee to have answers to your questions, whatever the real estate subject of your worry! strives to better serve its customers.

That is why we are offering a large panel of real estate products: from the existing or traditional properties to the new buildings (in VEFA*), for your primary or secondary residence or as a rental investment. can also present to you the various legal measures in France (PINEL, LMNP*, loi MALRAUX, land deficit,….) and help you identify the best solution for your current financial situation or future projects.

Our knowledge of the various measures will help you avoid the pitfalls of a delicate negotiation. We can also help you to implement a protocol in order to buy new housing goods.

Whatever your project, do not hesitate to contact us to sell you property or find the dream house for your family!

(*) Check the definitions on Lexicon