Wealth Management

Whether you want to understand and to improve your wealth or to prepare your retirement pension or to plan your estate, AEF-France.immo is an Independent Wealth Management Firm (CGPI in France), that offers its expertise in private management, based on renowned technical training and an experience in the complex world of the heritage legislation.

Whatever your question and thanks to our various expertises and the solutions we have chosen for you, you will get our advises on a large choice of subjects, among which:

  • List of themes:
    • Life insurance contracts
    • Banking & financial products
    • Loan
    • Real Estate products (Direct, SCPI, OPCI,…)
    • Fiscal issues (IR*, IS*, ISF*)
    • Rental investment
    • Private donations, inheritance, joint possession, dismemberment, etc…
    • Matrimonial regimes, conveyance of property through inheritance

Risk Management:

AEF-France.immo wants to help you understand and identify the main investment solutions on the market. Before choosing a solution it is important to evaluate the risks inherent to each proposed product. Despite the numerous investment solutions available on the market , we can give you a study of the level of risk based on a deep understanding of each product that we are presenting to you.

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(*) check the definition on Lexicon

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