Investment Advice is happy to present the main investment solutions available on the market today for short-term and long-term goals. A wide range of investment products exists and the main difficulty for you is to appreciate the risks inherent to each ones.

Several of these solutions guarantee regular interest payments. Nevertheless, the returns may not be as high as with a high-risk investment.

What are the main domains considered in the medium-risk range?

  • Bank investments (according to your risk tolerance)
  • Real Estate investments (a little-known solution)
  • Gold investments (the safe haven solution)
  • Different retirement saving products (term investment with employer matching)
  • Life insurances (low taxation and heritage transmission)
  • and so on …..

There are several other ways to invest that are less known, like the forest investment, the art investment or to invest in vineyard groups.

In order to define what corresponds to your wealth situation, you can contact us and we will study with you the different investment solutions.

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