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Just arrived in France or planning to move here? Whatever your situation, buying a house should not be a problem and must certainly not give you a headache! Our experts are here to help you by listening to you, by asking questions on your project and your family life, on your vision of the future. This is the start of a partnership to find your new Home!

Thanks to the knowledge of the real estate market, they will help you identify the best property for your family in regards to school access, work access, shopping and sports facilities, etc… They know the surroundings and will tell you if the place is not adequate for you. They will accompany you through all the necessary administrative and legal processes until the final signature when you receive the keys of the house!

You are not alone!

AEF-FRANCE.IMMO is a division of FINANXIA AEF sas, created to provide you with the experts in wealth management and real estate who can help you decide your investment strategy either in financial terms or in real estate terms.

In order to help you the most, we are following the market trends, we work towards giving personalized advices, we help you in negotiating the contracts, we study your financing leverage capacity and we introduce you to our financial partners.

Our Know-How:

To invest in a real estate property, in an insurance contract or in a real estate investment trust, …. is far from easy!

Your projects may be to buy your primary or secondary residence, directly or through a company, to invest in a rental investment with all the different categories available or to mainly reduce tax, they are all very important projects to you. You need to surround yourself with the experts that can really help you define your objectives, evaluate your means and the eventual risks before showing you the opportunities that are accessible to you.

Our expertise in these various domains is at your disposal and whatever your issue, one of our experts will be able to accompany you from A to Z through out the whole project.

Furthermore, our advisors only work by referral, in order to ensure a lasting relationship and a personalized follow-up of our customers.

Our Values

AEF-France.immo has been built around 4 values:

Professional Ethics

  • We place your interests before ours.
  • We ensure the objectivity of the proposed solutions.
  • We behave in all transparency while preserving the confidentiality of our operations.


  • We are always available for you.
  • We provide a long-term follow-up of your asset situation.
  • We give you the attention you deserve.


  • We commit to a long-term trust-based professional relationship.
  • We commit to provide the top quality for all our products.
  • We commit to providing you with our best know-how and experience.


  • We commit to being proactive and to act rapidly in the best of your interests.
  • We continuously innovate and adapt our products and services.
  • We totally assume the responsibility of our actions.


FINANXIA-AEF is registered on the single registry of insurance, bank and finance intermediaries (www.orias.fr) under the number #14005106 for his status as financial investment advisor, a member of CNCIF, insurance and reinsurance broker, bank operations and payment services broker, and subscriber to CNCIF (*), an association approved by the AMF (the French financial markets authority).

Real estate agent with the real estate transaction card #T1593, delivered by the Prefecture of SEINE ET MARNE (77).

The company is not authorized to take delivery of funds, belongings or titles. The professional liability insurance and financial guarantees are taken out with: MMA Entreprises, 14 Boulevard Marie et Alexandre Oyon, 72100 Le Mans Cedex, FRANCE.

(*) Check the definition on Lexicon