They’ve just bought their home in Grenoble!

After 14 months of looking for a house for them, this anglophone family has finaly signed the contract today for a new house near Grenoble!

How did I help them? Through a Search Mandate, I was in charge of finding a house that corresponds to their needs and requirements. I was also responsible for negociating for them, checking the contract, helping them to understand the bank loan documents (only 60 pages of banking vocabulary in French 😉 ) and all necessary issues to be solved.

It took a lot of time, for them and for me, but what a pleasure to finally have them move in their house! Now it is time for them to redecorate, to improve, to adapt the house to the family and soon barbecues and lunches on the terrasse will reward for such a long time moving from UK to France!


I wish them a nice moving in and to happily enjoy the next years in this new home sweet home!

To learn more about the “Search Mandate” (Mandat de Recherche), you can contact me: Béatrice MARIONNET on /

At your service!

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