New lockdown, new rules!

With this new lockdown in France, the real estate agents have received new rules, here is the list:

1. Real estate agents continue to work

The real estate agent can still work for you: inventories, renting issues, sales calls, to take pictures, visit a new place…. BUT brick and mortar real estate agencies cannot accept people inside their premises.

You can still call us……

2. You cannot visit a house or appartment

An agent cannot tell you to come and visit a house, for 2 reasons: it is not allowed and you cannot go further than 1 kilometer from your home.

We can still take pictures, shoot a video for you or a virtual visit, as we have the authorization to enter.

3. You can move from one location to another

Moving is allowed if you have the proof that you have signed a new renting contract or bought a new house. Keep your contracts with you at all time.

Make sure that the movers have the necessary authorizations and documents.

4. We offer an online signature system

To help you with your real estate project we are adding to our portfolio an online secured signature system.

We prepare the document and each person receives an email with how to sign it. Saves time and headaches!

5. We can still estimate your house or appartment

As we can meet the owners, we can visit and estimate your house or appartment.

After reviewing each rooms and every features, we can send you a fully detailed estimate.

This is an important step in your real estate project in order to fix the selling price.

AEF-France.Immo‘s team is happy to help you work on your real estate project. Do not hesitate to contact the agent closest to you by clicking on the button below: